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Improve Reading Behavior cartoon

August 17, 2013

A good rationale for today’s tech world.





Electronic Technology Obsessive Behavior

September 10, 2011

As a Behavior Analyst I tend to watch behavior more intricately. Thus I notice behavior trends as they emerge.

Our current electronic technology age is consuming many. People are walking around with their heads buried in their iphones, ipads, black berries etc etc. People walk around looking like they are schizophrenics while talking to themselves with concealed ear phone pieces. Kids rather sit in front of a monitor playing video games than engage in creative play outdoors. People are driving recklessly while paying more attention to their texting rather than the road. I can go on and on ….

Why am I addressing this ? There are many positives that today’s technology has brought for society. However, I cannot but notice that many are obsessed with their super technology gadgets. Including cats!!!

Watch obsession with technology.

So long snail mail, adios to the ball of yarn …

 Playing with a fax machine is more fun!!!! lol