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ABA Related Cartoon : Cat VS Internet

January 12, 2011

Throughout the past couple of years of providing BCBA Supervision to various students in New Jersey and other states in the United States, I like to send along to them a variety of creative /  lighter venues that showcase Applied Behavior Analysis.

My supervisees love it and those that are BCBAs and BCaBAs now want me to still send along what I find on my searches and travels for various types of ABA related content for review. ABA is not just only about discrete trials and Verbal Behavior thus I try to keep my students ABA open minded.

This approach I do has worked so well that it recently motivated one of my current supervisees to send me this cartoon ( which by the way, if I had found it, I would have sent it along to my ABA people list- FYI, already done! ) 

So I say to my BCBA supervisee  – Thumbs Up

Therefore, I decided to share it here with all who visit my ‘web blog about behavior’.

Perhaps some will get all the ABA related concepts involved and be able to breakdown the chain of behavior events. Hopefully, most will see how this is so classical and have a chuckle too.

Cat Vs Internet

 Just also wanted to say thank you to for creating this cute cartoon.

Why Parents Need Coaching and Support

April 27, 2008

I was watching the talk show The View last week. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was sharing her difficulties with her young daughter named Grace. She had said that she was trying to do away with the night time pacifier by having the Binkie Fairy come . Basically, a little ceremony would involve the child giving up their pacifier for The Binkie Fairy. The Binkie Fairy would then give it to other new babies that needed it. In the morning, if the child was good, they would receive a thank you gift from the Binkie Fairy for giving up their beloved (overly attached) pacifier.


Unfortunately, Elisabeth reported that this did not work very well and that her daughter cried for her binkie late into the night. So Elisabeth has been losing sleep because she goes to comfort her crying daughter until she falls asleep in her bed. This has been going for several nights.



The interventions for these issues have been featured on Super Nanny and Nanny 911. Elisabeth did try though what was the missing piece?  It was the direct support and coaching.


When parents watch the Super Nanny and Nanny 911, it looks sooooo easy. All the changes just fall right into place. What parents do not fully realize is, that the actual person advising is a very important component to the success of the intervention. Super nanny Jo is right there to be in the interaction of all the changes. (observing and measuring) The parents and the children are reacting/responding to an objective , motivational advisor. Their environment has changed. Plus there is a reactivity factor of all the cameras filming in the house.


Sometimes when I start to work with a family, they will say, “Hey, you can be like the Super Nanny.” I just smile and state that I am higher credentialed than the Super Nanny, though like her, I hope to make positive changes in their home. Usually after the fact, parents have said, I am even better than the Super Nanny. Now that is nice to hear. (positive reinforcement for me and probably because I explain the ABA principles)


Though I always wonder, out of all the families worked with on the tv shows Super Nanny and Nanny 911, how many families actually kept up on maintaining their new behaviors?


The point I do want to make is, us interventionists, either myself as a Behavior Analyst or the Super Nanny – it takes a lot of experience, energy and high skills to promote positive behavior changes in people’s lives. It might look easy on tv, but it is not. It takes much work.


I do give credit to Elisabeth for sharing her trial and tribulations. No parent has it easy. Though if I had been the interventionist, I would have provided support and coached Eliisabeth through her daughter’s binkie transition and sleeping in her own bed alone. (with observation and measurement) The additional advisement (push in the right direction and reinforcement) might have been what was needed to make a success happen.