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Casey Anthony Trial Verdict and Possible National Caylee’s Law

July 10, 2011

Yes, I did watch the Casey Anthony case. My thoughts ? In observing and analyzing what was presented as evidence during this murder trial, in my opinion there was not enough evidence to convict on murder one / death penalty. Though I do believe there was enough evidence to convict on manslaughter and child abuse. The Florida prosecution only had circumstantial evidence, the defense made up stories and accused others to throw off the jurors, Casey obviously lied and partied alot, Cindy Anthony lied on the stand, the jurors must have encountered difficulties understanding the case etc etc

I just do not get it – a juror claimed that they were ‘sick to their stomachs’ as they acquitted Casey Anthony because the who, what, when and how was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt ?? More appropriately would have been, can these jurors actually say Casey Anthony was innocent without even a shadow of doubt at all ???

I say this- then who , what, when, how did the targeted persons by the defense commit this murder? Was the drowning proved? Did one of Casey’s imaginary nanny and/or friends really do it ? Of course not.

Many say that the CSI television show effect impacted this innocent verdict- I agree. People need to understand that when you have a body decomposing for several months while out in the elements of nature, it is very hard to prove the cause of death. FYI jurors, CSI shows are MAKE BELIEVE – real life, everyday cases in America are not that clear cut The prosecution worked with what they had. However, they should have simplified their approach more to take into consideration that perhaps these jurors could not tolerate and understand the lengthy explanations ( shorter attention spans? Jurors could not understand the forensics?)

Actions can speak the truth

Proven actions

– 31 days – no reports of Caylee missing by her mother Casey Anthony
– 31 days of lying to her mother about all the fun activities engaged with Caylee and the imaginary Nanny named Zany
– the numerous photos of Casey partying, smiling and dancing – no sadness, no remorse?
– Casey gets a tatoo while her daughter is missing/dead – ” It’s a beautiful life”
– Casey’s password for Facebook and Myspace accounts- timer55 – the exact amount of days from the day Caylee supposedly died till the day of Caylee’s birthday
– Casey lying to the police numerous times- sent police to places that she said she worked at but did not

Casey was not too concerned about her daughter’s where abouts and safety now was she?

I agree with the prosecution’s theory, Casey wanted to silence her daughter since developmentally – Caylee’s verbal language would be getting stronger. Then Caylee could use her words to tell the truth. Casey did not want to sacrifice and be a mother- she wanted to party.

Further proof

– The blanket, the child’s clothes, the specific designer laundry bag – all evidence was linked to the Anthony home
– the computer searches for chloroform – though not sure if it was once or 84 times
– The duct tape was matched from the home
– Why would Casey request a shovel from her neighbor?
– I think the prosecution should have heavily explained about the police dogs who indicated a dead body had been in the trunk of Casey’s car – police dogs are HIGHLY trained and have a much better sense of smell than humans

My Issues with Defense

I disagreed with the defense- the prosecution is allowed to define the picture of Casey- it shows her character, it helps to substantiate motive

– It truly bothers me that the defense implied that if someone has been sexually abused as a child then they can become disturbed and be like Casey to explain away the partying and lying for 31 days
– Casey was a good Mom because the videos and photos taken shows it, there was no history of abuse ?- well you do not need to have a history of abuse to predict a behavior of murder
– Casey lied so that she could do her own searching for Caylee- huh???????? she was too busy partying and lying to her parents and friends she was hanging out with
– Casey has imaginary friends – thus implying she is unstable ? – but that does not give her the right to kill her child.
Other stuff
Is the Anthony family dysfunctional – probably YES – whether sexual abuse occurred between the father, Casey and the brother Lee was not proven – just eluded

Did Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony tell the truth all the time during this murder trial ? NO

I can go on and on …. In my own opinion – Casey is guilty based on circumstantial evidence, she did it.

What really concerns me is – this verdict by jurors who are our peers just basically reinforced that it is ‘okay’ to not report your child missing for 31 days, to dispose the child’s body to decompose for a long time and make up lies.

Unfortunately, a beautiful child is dead and her mother is freed to make millions?? Something is very wrong with this.

Hopefully something good can come out of this ?????

A few states have already drafted legislation to make it a felony for a parent and /or guardian to not report their child missing immediately.

“(Newser) – Casey Anthony’s not guilty verdict sparked Facebook outrage, a couple of Nancy Grace rants, and now a fast-growing petition for a new law. “Caylee’s Law,” thought up by Oklahoma mom of two Michelle Crowder, would require parents and guardians to report a child’s disappearance to police immediately. Caylee Anthony was last seen June 16, but was not reported missing for a full month.

Crowder, who started a petition as well as a Facebook page asking Congress to create the law, says she was “sickened” when Casey Anthony was convicted only of lying to the police, and was not “charged with child neglect or endangerment, or even obstruction of justice.” Her petition is the fastest-growing campaign in the site’s history, with nearly 2,000 people signing it each hour, the Washington Post reports. ” retrieved from

So do the right thing !

Sign this petition, call your State Congress representatives and State Governor !!!  Tell your family and friends. Lets get this law passed in ALL states to protect ALL children.

Rest in peaceCaylee