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Remember, BCBA Supervision is required for BCaBA

November 30, 2008

Remember, starting effective January 1, 2009 , all Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts  (BCaBA) must be supervised one hour per month by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. (BCBA) in order to maintain their certification.


So do I provide BCBA supervision ? YES


Is there a fee ? YES, because the time devoted for supervision takes time away from my behavior analysis practice. Though I do charge a lower fee for supervision.


Will the Behavior Analysis Certification Board require documentation to verify that supervision was obtained ? YES they will.


Have I done BCBA supervising before ? YES. I have in the past and am now currently supervising ABA students who are working towards becoming a BCBA or BCaBA. I provide in person supervision to students in New Jersey and long distance supervision to other states.


If interested in obtaining BCBA Supervision

call 732-938-7336 or send an inquiry via email