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The ‘Good Behavior’ Commercial

April 6, 2012

As a Behavior Analyst and consumer of products and services, I love this commercial.

The message was communicated very well via a dog engaging visually in good behaviors, the song ” I will be good” was perfect to play to enhance the emotional message. Very smart to use and show the positive value of engaging in good behavior.

The commercial wants you to buy Traveler’s insurance utlizing ‘good behavior’ as their selling point. I love it !!!

Kudos to the advertisement agency Fallon Worldwide in Minneapolis who developed this commercial.

Well done.

Help for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Yes, Valentine’s Day is here again. Some have a loved one to share the day with, others may not have a special someone.

For those that may be down alittle today – here is a pick me up commercial just for you !!

The Ladders  at – which is a website to search for jobs did a great job in executing their message –  ” feel like you are irresistable ” The director for this commercial campaign really was able to behaviorally bring out the confidence of the actor participants.

Everyone deserves to feel good. Oooo aahh … la la laaa …

Happy Valentine’s Day

Bouncing Heart


The Reinforcement of Power – Super Bowl Darth Vader Commercial

February 8, 2011

Super Bowl commercials- some were good, some were not so good and some were awesome!

Why feature a commercial on this blog ? A commercial has behavior analysis components???

This was my favorite commercial during the Super Bowl.

Smart thinking of Volkswagen and their Advertising Agency in branding.  Lots of behavior shaping going on here.  Triggers, linking and pairing.

The data for likeability ? 20,602,257 hits on You Tube and counting as of this writing.

As for the effectiveness for increasing sales ? – time will tell …..

May the force be with you !!

Hey Kids, Time to Go Back to School

August 25, 2010

I just love this commercial! The Advertisement company who did this for STAPLES was smart! 

So here it is for parents!  I am sure that you can relate.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Time to Go Back to School

I have been working with many families lately and the current recurring theme has been … The parents can’t wait for school to start. I even mentioned this commercial to some and sang a few bars of it. The parents smiled, remembered this commercial and agreed strongly.

So I just had to share this commercial as one of my favorites that was right on target and has been timeless.

Change Your Child’s Problem Behavior in Minutes?

August 10, 2008

I was watching tv today and lo and behold, I saw a commercial advertising  – How to transform your child’s problematic behaviors in minutes!!!


As a Behavior Analyst, I thought, hhhmmmm too good to be true to change problematic behaviors in minutes. Perhaps one simplistic instance of a behavior could be changed, but a whole set of problematic behaviors to be changed in minutes???  I take issue with that.


So I evaluated their sensationalized website that claimed such incredible, miraculous results! The whole DVD Behavior training program will just only cost you $300 and POOF your child will behave again!  They even guarantee it!


Parents, please be leary of such commercial hype. Anybody who claims to change your child’s problematic behaviors in minutes should cause you concern. Behavior takes time to observe, assess, develop an intervention, implement intervention/technique, measure its outcomes, adjust if needed,  monitor and continue maintenance.


Lets pick out a behavior, one that could be problematic. Perhaps we are overweight.


Is there a pill or an exercise that will make us thin in minutes ??????

 POOF!!!!  It is MAGIC !





Changing behavior is serious business. It takes much work and time.


Hire a Behavior Analyst, who is a Behavior Expert.