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Some New Year’s Resolution Humor

January 7, 2014

In our field we could call this experimental behavior analysis lol
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The NJ December 2010 Blizzard, Gov Christie and Snow Plows

January 3, 2011

My Behavior Analyst thoughts …..

Here in NJ we recently had a very bad blizzard that started on Sunday December 26, 2010 and said good bye Monday December 27, 2010. It left snow totals of 30 inches in my area which is the central part of New Jersey. A State of Emergency was declared though this blizzard storm was a monster. Not only did it dump numerous inches of snow, it also had winds that were equivalent to a Category 2 Hurricane.

Despite the President of the NJ State Congress- Senator Sweeney declaring a State of Emergency and urging people to stay home, too many people still ventured out into the blinding snow. Thus many became stranded on the roads as a consequence of their decision.

This storm was so bad that even some of the snow plows, tow trucks and emergency related vehicles became stuck in the snow. It was a massive storm that only the fury of Mother Nature was in charge of.

Many of the towns in Central NJ received poor service through their municipalities in plowing streets. Townships blamed layoffs and monetary budget issues. I say it was township mismanagement.

While the snow was barreling in, NJ Governor Christie was vacationing for the Christmas holiday at Disney in Orlando Florida and his Lt Governor was on vacation at the very same time in Mexico.

NJ has been a mess during this past week while residents have been digging out, still plowing and shoveling. Even upon this writing of this blog which is a week after the storm, there are still secondary streets, turn offs, jug handles and traffic lanes that are not fully cleared yet.

I personally had friends and family trapped in their homes due to the extra slow service of the plows doing the streets. Some were not able to get out of their home for 4 days until Thursday!  I was fortunate and got out Wednesday.

Belmardays' photoBelmardays' photoBelmardays' photo

I know of people personally that got stuck out on the road and had to stay overnight in frigid temperatures and piling up snow. Hopefully they will think twice about traveling during a blizzard next time.

Even last night,  I still could not believe  here in Monmouth and Ocean counties that some of the traffic lanes have not been fully plowed. Especially higher traffic roads that have double lanes. Some lanes may have half a section plowed and it varies too. Because of this, there are accidents  happening during the day and in the dark of night due to people  not being able to see that their initially plowed lane turns into a wall of snow and ice.

New Jersey residents are upset. We have had major snow storms before though usually do not get this level of snow.  However, I can distinctly remember that we have had a few other blizzards in past years that had large accumulations and the plowing was not this bad.

Many people are saying Gov Christie should have been here in NJ for the blizzard.  The governor deserves to go on vacation. Although, I think he and his Lt governor should have not taken trips out of the state at the same time. I even said to a few people as they blamed the NJ governor. So you say Christie should had returned to NJ during this blizzard storm? How could he from Florida ? All the airports were shut down, he could not drive up or take a train since the storm affected the east coast. Gov Christie did the responsible thing of calling in to his administration.

The storm was massive which brought massive issues. But do businesses have both the boss and 2nd in command take off  at the same time? Perhaps the real issue was that  New Jersey people were looking for more leadership during this blizzard and to have someone address the poor snow plowing aftermath. With Gov Christie away, where was the leadership to lead us through this snow mess ?

I do not think that Gov Chris Christie should be blamed here.  It really was our township governments that failed its residents. Yes it may have taken an extra day to plow the roads properly due to the additional snow environment. But not a few days extra or even now a week later to have some places on our busy roads that are not fully plowed and still unsafe to drive on.

Salvation Army Bell Ringers- the Gift of Giving

December 12, 2010

What is on my mind today ? The gift of giving.


Every year during the Christmas season, I donate money to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. I give the Salvation Army and their volunteer helpers much credit for trying to raise money for the needy that they serve.

Some ring just a bell, some play holiday music with a brass instrument or a few times I have seen a flutist, others may play Christmas carols on a CD player.

During these past few weekends in New Jersey the weather has been quite COLD .One day it was 30 degrees with a wind chill factor of 17 degrees. I was in route to enter a major retail store to get out of the blustery cold though lo and behold, I heard the bell ringing. I turned and there  was a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, all bundled up and out in the cold. I thought , why can’t they at least be in the entrance/exit foyer for some weather protection????

So thus I heed the major retail stores- thank you for allowing the fundraising though please have a warm heart and at least allow the Salvation Army helpers some refuge from the cold.

To all those who come by my blog and or pass by the Bell Ringer, please have a generous heart and put some change in the Salvation Army’s kettle to help those who are less fortunate than us this Christmas season. Thank you.

Thanksgiving Thoughts …

November 25, 2010


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.  ~W.J. Cameron

He who thanks but with the lips
Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving
Comes from the heart.
~J.A. Shedd

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder

It is my hope that many during this holiday remember to be truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

Children with Disabilities and Their Dads

November 10, 2010

I recently came across a wonderful story of a Dad who shares his story and insight about the struggles and joy of  raising  his child with disabilities.

I wanted to feature this story since fathers speaking out about their children with disabilities is quite a minority, but very important.

Chris Gabbard and his son August

As explained by his Dad, “August has cerebral palsy, is a spastic quadriplegic, has cortical visual impairment (meaning he is legally blind), is completely nonverbal and cognitively disabled, has a microcephalic head, and must wear a diaper. Moreover, he is immobile—he can’t crawl or scoot around or hold himself up or even sit in a chair without being strapped in it. …

At home, in the eyes of my wife, Ilene; our 7-year-old daughter, Clio; and me, he seems merely a little eccentric, possessor of a few odd quirks, as I said. We don’t think of him as being different; he is August, just another member of an already quirky family.”

The important part – via August’s Dad –  

“That is not to deny that August, along with my daughter and my wife, is the most amazing and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, for he has allowed me an additional opportunity to profoundly love another human being. A person such as Peter Singer well may conclude, reasonably, that I have become overpowered by parental sentiment. So be it. I can live with that. There are limits to reason.”

A very worthwhile story to read. Chris allows the reader to travel through his fatherhood journey. Please read it, I highly recommend it !

Hey Kids, Time to Go Back to School

August 25, 2010

I just love this commercial! The Advertisement company who did this for STAPLES was smart! 

So here it is for parents!  I am sure that you can relate.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Time to Go Back to School

I have been working with many families lately and the current recurring theme has been … The parents can’t wait for school to start. I even mentioned this commercial to some and sang a few bars of it. The parents smiled, remembered this commercial and agreed strongly.

So I just had to share this commercial as one of my favorites that was right on target and has been timeless.

Can A Very Hot Summer Have An Effect On Behavior?

July 25, 2010

Yup, I know so …….

Here in New Jersey where I reside, we have been having a heat wave. Actually this Summer of 2010 has probably been the hottest since 1999.

I think the dog in the picture has the right idea.

Fireworks Facts

July 4, 2010

It is July 4th weekend !!

Fireworks can be exciting, entertaining and quite dangerous!

Why is it that people still play with fireworks despite the danger warnings? I guess unfortunately to some the risk does not out way the fun. Too many think, hey it can not happen to me.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports the following statistics:

• Fireworks were involved in an estimated 8,800 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments during calendar year 2009 (95 percent confidence interval 6,800 – 10,800). CPSC staff estimated that there were 7,000 fireworks-related injuries during 2008.

• An estimated 5,900 fireworks-related injuries (or 67 percent of the total fireworks-related injuries) were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments during the one-month special study period between June 19, 2009 and July 19, 2009 (95 percent confidence interval 4,200 – 7,600). CPSC staff estimated that there were 5,000 fireworks-related injuries during the 2008 special study period.

Results from the special study include the following:
• Of the fireworks-related injuries sustained, 73 percent were to males and 27 percent were to females.
• Injuries to children were a major component of total fireworks-related injuries with children under 15 years old accounting for 39 percent of the estimated injuries. Children and young adults under 20 years old had 54 percent of the estimated injuries.

• There were an estimated 1,200 injuries associated with firecrackers. Of these, 700 were associated with small firecrackers, 200 with illegal firecrackers, and 300 where the type of firecracker was not specified.
• There were an estimated 1,000 injuries associated with sparklers and 300 with bottle rockets.
• The parts of the body most often injured were hands and fingers (estimated 1,900 injuries), eyes (1,600 injuries), and head, face, and ears (900 injuries).
• More than half of the injuries were burns. Burns were the most common injury to all parts of the body except the eyes, where contusions, lacerations, and foreign bodies in the eye occurred more frequently.

Despite the educational warnings, parents are still letting their younger children to play with firecrackers. Did you know that a simple sparkler firework can heat up over 2000 degrees F ? That is hot enough to cause a 3rd degree burn.

FYI Certain large explosives are prohibited by federal regulations. However, the smaller legal devices such as sparklers, bottle rockets, firecrackers etc, were the cause for five out of six fireworks-related injuries treated in emergency rooms across the USA in 2008, as per a new report from the National Fire Protection Association.

“Fireworks during the Fourth of July are as American as apple pie,” the NFPA report states. “But did you know that more fires are reported on that day than any other day of the year in the United States?”

Fireworks are responsible for thousands of grass, brush and dumpster fires every year. It has been estimated that fireworks started 22,500 fires in 2008 with one death, 40 injuries and $42 million in property damage,

So what is the best holiday behavior to engage in during this holiday weekend?

I totally agree with the following:

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends attending public displays of fireworks.


Good advice in my opinion.

Let the professionals do the fireworks job !

Enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe July 4th !

Bret Michaels IS the Celebrity Apprentice Based on Merit

May 24, 2010

Congrats to Bret Michaels for being HIRED as the Celebrity Apprentice. He is well deserving of it based upon MERIT.

I just have to say ……  Sorry Bill Rancic- Bret Michaels demonstrated from the very first task and consistently throughout this 3rd Celebrity Apprentice season that he was smart, very creative and driven to win this thing. It does not matter that Holly Robinson Peete won the most money for one task- she won that based upon a combined fund raising effort with Sharon Osbourne. Plus Autism is a charity topic that many are very willing to donate to as well.

I do have to add, Holly Robinson Peete was very gracious during the finale. She deserved to be in the final two. Her strong efforts to raise awareness and money for Autism is very commendable. I am thankful and happy for Holly that Snapple donated an extra $250,000 to a great cause.

Also, lets not forget that Bret’s charity is a great cause too for Diabetes. This man knows the woes of this disease that impacts many lives including himself and now his daugher who has been diagnosed with borderline juvenille diabetes.

Bret won 2 tasks as a project manager, Holly lost 2 tasks as project manager. Bret stepped up to the plate several times while being a good team member, Holly was not always a good team player.  He knew how to utilize and reinforce his team players, he even won over Summer who is Holly’s BFF. Bret’s branding ideas were right on. His determination was strong.  Overall, Bret’s business package was rock solid. Bret Michaels deserves this win.

Celebrity Apprentice – 3rd Season – Good luck to Bret Michaels

May 23, 2010

I have to admit I love watching the Celebrity Apprentice. Though I know that the celebrities are ‘reacting’ to the cameras, it still has the ‘reality’ situations coming into play.

During this season, I had picked Bret Michaels to be a strong player and he has proven it too.

Additionally, it has been interesting to see the business / more personal sides of this group of celebrities.

Overall, Bret has been very creative, a go getter, has not thrown people under the bus, has worked hard, suffers from Diabetes, his daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes as well.  He actually showed a side of himself that was more interesting – being charismatic and intelligent in the pursuit to win money for his Diabetes charity versus the Rock of Love show that was in the conquest of just fooling around. Hey Bret, your creative, compassioniate and intelligent side of you is sooooo much more attractive = )  Also, some of the aerobic  moves for the exercise class task were good too lol.

Though during the month of April 2010, Bret had to have surgery to remove his appendix, then he had a near-fatal brain hemorrhage that thankfully and luckily he can recover from. Next in May he had a minor stroke which led to being diagnosed with a hole in his heart that will require future heart surgery. But the music man is not lying down, Bret Michaels has things to do like win Celebrity Apprentice.

Bret’s rep, Janna Elias, states “Bret wants everyone to know he cannot thank you enough for all of the well wishes, prayers, and good vibes you have sent his way. Even though these last few months have been tough on him and his family, especially this most recent setback, he is in good spirits, great medical hands and is positive and hopeful that everything is going to be OK. He is up, walking, talking, continuing his daily rehab and very happy to be alive but he has made it clear he is sick and tired of being in the hospital and is ready to rock again.” 

As for Holly Robinson Peete –  WOW, what a strong lady. I give her alot of credit for making it to the final two and beating out Sharon Osbourne. Of course I love her charity for Autism though Bret has been a more well rounded player. He demonstrated via the tasks that he was a better project manager and team player than Holly.

As for Trump wondering where is Bret’s passion for his charity compared to Holly ? Well Mr Trump he would not be there if he did not want to win, he stayed and continued on with the game when his daughter was diagnosed, he deals with Diabetes himself and now other medical issues.  I define Bret’s attitude during this game as a ‘collective and progressive’ passion, he had set his goal of winning and becoming the next Celebrity Apprentice. His game playing against the other celebrities has been impressive and rock solid.

So of course I think Donald Trump needs to make the right choice which is to HIRE Bret Michaels as the next Celebrity Apprentice !!!

Tune in Sunday May 23, 2010
9pm EDT on NBC

By the way, the charities of both Celebrity Apprentice Finalists are worthwhile. They both have brought more positive awareness to Diabetes and Autism. Please donate to these good causes.

As per
Bret’s charity is the American Diabetes Association (Sponsor of Camps for Kids With Diabetes)

When Bret was six years old he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Today, he must take four shots of insulin a day and must always be in control of his blood sugars, oftentimes testing his blood up to six times a day. Because diabetes is such a major part of his life, Bret feels it’s his duty to raise money and awareness for the American Diabetes Association. With the ADA, Bret has a fund which sponsors diabetic kids and sends them to camp where they can meet other kids with similar conditions and have unlimited access to nurses and doctors who are there to help. When Bret was initially diagnosed with diabetes, his mother was an integral part in forming these diabetic camps, so Bret hopes to carry on the tradition.  ”

As per

Holly’s charity is the HollyRod Foundation

After watching her father struggle with Parkinson’s disease, Holly focused her attention on forming the HollyRod Foundation with her husband, Rodney. The HollyRod foundation sets out to support families who may not have the means to treat a loved one with a serious medical condition. When their eldest son, RJ, was diagnosed with autism, Holly and Rodney expanded their foundation and started to focus on autism. Autism affects one in 91 children and treatment can put an enormous emotional and financial strain on the family. The HollyRod Foundation paves its road through the simple act of providing comfort along the way with medical, physical, and emotional support to achieve a better quality of life for individuals and their families.

Bestselling author, actress, and national autism spokesperson Holly Robinson Peete has paired with her daughter Ryan to co-author this uplifting book based on their own personal experiences with Holly’s son and Ryan’s brother RJ, who has autism. Holly and Ryan will donate a percentage of the proceeds of “My Brother Charlie” to the HollyRod4Kids Foundation, to help children with autism gain access to affordable treatments and therapies. For information about HollyRod4Kids visit   “