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The ‘Good Behavior’ Commercial

April 6, 2012

As a Behavior Analyst and consumer of products and services, I love this commercial.

The message was communicated very well via a dog engaging visually in good behaviors, the song ” I will be good” was perfect to play to enhance the emotional message. Very smart to use and show the positive value of engaging in good behavior.

The commercial wants you to buy Traveler’s insurance utlizing ‘good behavior’ as their selling point. I love it !!!

Kudos to the advertisement agency Fallon Worldwide in Minneapolis who developed this commercial.

Well done.

2011 U.S. Debt Ceiling and Financial Crisis

August 15, 2011

I’ve been watching all the info, fights, finger pointing, plunging stock market, unemployment, weakening of the dollar etc  etc. I am really concerned about the well being of the United States.

Simply put, our president has again handled things quite poorly.

As a Behavior Analyst – this is the reality –

America has a debt ceiling headed speedily towards $15 trillion.

Lets say we have an individual American
– they have accumulated debt on their maxed out credit cards that equals $150,000
– they are not earning enough money to pay their bills
– the interest on this debt keeps on accumulating
– this individual does not change their behavior of spending money that they do not have
– because of their behaviors, their credit rating has been downgraded
– they borrow more money thinking it will stimulate their situation for the better
– they do not track where their money goes
– they keep planning and going on vacations despite the looming problematic issues

What would happen to this individual?

Actually, what could happen to the United States?

The problem is that ALL are to blame for this mess.

Complacent voters
Americans who do not pay attention to current affairs of our country
A President, Judicial system and Congress that do not fully realize that they are public servants
Bad budgeting and accounting skills
Corporations that get away with paying no taxes
Too many loop holes
An entitlement system that can not sustain everyone – its citizens and illegal aliens
Greedy people
Buy now, pay later mentality
Jobs going over seas
51% of American households in 2009 did not pay any federal taxes at all
Too many Americans relying upon government hand outs
Pork barreling ear marks by members of the Congress
A lack of humility and charity for others
Good leadership is missing
We need better political candidates to vote for
Our talent in our country is not fully utilized
etc etc etc

In my professional opinion, our country is in trouble financially and our values have weakened.

Where is America today ?

It certainly is not what it once was.
I hope and pray we find our way back.

This is the debt as of today and counting … 

United States National Debt $14,600,255,553,827.94


No one else, only us Americans are going to pay for this.

Help for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Yes, Valentine’s Day is here again. Some have a loved one to share the day with, others may not have a special someone.

For those that may be down alittle today – here is a pick me up commercial just for you !!

The Ladders  at – which is a website to search for jobs did a great job in executing their message –  ” feel like you are irresistable ” The director for this commercial campaign really was able to behaviorally bring out the confidence of the actor participants.

Everyone deserves to feel good. Oooo aahh … la la laaa …

Happy Valentine’s Day

Bouncing Heart


The Reinforcement of Power – Super Bowl Darth Vader Commercial

February 8, 2011

Super Bowl commercials- some were good, some were not so good and some were awesome!

Why feature a commercial on this blog ? A commercial has behavior analysis components???

This was my favorite commercial during the Super Bowl.

Smart thinking of Volkswagen and their Advertising Agency in branding.  Lots of behavior shaping going on here.  Triggers, linking and pairing.

The data for likeability ? 20,602,257 hits on You Tube and counting as of this writing.

As for the effectiveness for increasing sales ? – time will tell …..

May the force be with you !!

The NJ December 2010 Blizzard, Gov Christie and Snow Plows

January 3, 2011

My Behavior Analyst thoughts …..

Here in NJ we recently had a very bad blizzard that started on Sunday December 26, 2010 and said good bye Monday December 27, 2010. It left snow totals of 30 inches in my area which is the central part of New Jersey. A State of Emergency was declared though this blizzard storm was a monster. Not only did it dump numerous inches of snow, it also had winds that were equivalent to a Category 2 Hurricane.

Despite the President of the NJ State Congress- Senator Sweeney declaring a State of Emergency and urging people to stay home, too many people still ventured out into the blinding snow. Thus many became stranded on the roads as a consequence of their decision.

This storm was so bad that even some of the snow plows, tow trucks and emergency related vehicles became stuck in the snow. It was a massive storm that only the fury of Mother Nature was in charge of.

Many of the towns in Central NJ received poor service through their municipalities in plowing streets. Townships blamed layoffs and monetary budget issues. I say it was township mismanagement.

While the snow was barreling in, NJ Governor Christie was vacationing for the Christmas holiday at Disney in Orlando Florida and his Lt Governor was on vacation at the very same time in Mexico.

NJ has been a mess during this past week while residents have been digging out, still plowing and shoveling. Even upon this writing of this blog which is a week after the storm, there are still secondary streets, turn offs, jug handles and traffic lanes that are not fully cleared yet.

I personally had friends and family trapped in their homes due to the extra slow service of the plows doing the streets. Some were not able to get out of their home for 4 days until Thursday!  I was fortunate and got out Wednesday.

Belmardays' photoBelmardays' photoBelmardays' photo

I know of people personally that got stuck out on the road and had to stay overnight in frigid temperatures and piling up snow. Hopefully they will think twice about traveling during a blizzard next time.

Even last night,  I still could not believe  here in Monmouth and Ocean counties that some of the traffic lanes have not been fully plowed. Especially higher traffic roads that have double lanes. Some lanes may have half a section plowed and it varies too. Because of this, there are accidents  happening during the day and in the dark of night due to people  not being able to see that their initially plowed lane turns into a wall of snow and ice.

New Jersey residents are upset. We have had major snow storms before though usually do not get this level of snow.  However, I can distinctly remember that we have had a few other blizzards in past years that had large accumulations and the plowing was not this bad.

Many people are saying Gov Christie should have been here in NJ for the blizzard.  The governor deserves to go on vacation. Although, I think he and his Lt governor should have not taken trips out of the state at the same time. I even said to a few people as they blamed the NJ governor. So you say Christie should had returned to NJ during this blizzard storm? How could he from Florida ? All the airports were shut down, he could not drive up or take a train since the storm affected the east coast. Gov Christie did the responsible thing of calling in to his administration.

The storm was massive which brought massive issues. But do businesses have both the boss and 2nd in command take off  at the same time? Perhaps the real issue was that  New Jersey people were looking for more leadership during this blizzard and to have someone address the poor snow plowing aftermath. With Gov Christie away, where was the leadership to lead us through this snow mess ?

I do not think that Gov Chris Christie should be blamed here.  It really was our township governments that failed its residents. Yes it may have taken an extra day to plow the roads properly due to the additional snow environment. But not a few days extra or even now a week later to have some places on our busy roads that are not fully plowed and still unsafe to drive on.

Salvation Army Bell Ringers- the Gift of Giving

December 12, 2010

What is on my mind today ? The gift of giving.


Every year during the Christmas season, I donate money to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. I give the Salvation Army and their volunteer helpers much credit for trying to raise money for the needy that they serve.

Some ring just a bell, some play holiday music with a brass instrument or a few times I have seen a flutist, others may play Christmas carols on a CD player.

During these past few weekends in New Jersey the weather has been quite COLD .One day it was 30 degrees with a wind chill factor of 17 degrees. I was in route to enter a major retail store to get out of the blustery cold though lo and behold, I heard the bell ringing. I turned and there  was a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, all bundled up and out in the cold. I thought , why can’t they at least be in the entrance/exit foyer for some weather protection????

So thus I heed the major retail stores- thank you for allowing the fundraising though please have a warm heart and at least allow the Salvation Army helpers some refuge from the cold.

To all those who come by my blog and or pass by the Bell Ringer, please have a generous heart and put some change in the Salvation Army’s kettle to help those who are less fortunate than us this Christmas season. Thank you.

Hey Kids, Time to Go Back to School

August 25, 2010

I just love this commercial! The Advertisement company who did this for STAPLES was smart! 

So here it is for parents!  I am sure that you can relate.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Time to Go Back to School

I have been working with many families lately and the current recurring theme has been … The parents can’t wait for school to start. I even mentioned this commercial to some and sang a few bars of it. The parents smiled, remembered this commercial and agreed strongly.

So I just had to share this commercial as one of my favorites that was right on target and has been timeless.

Toys with a Mission featuring Differently Abled.

May 31, 2010

Too many always focus on the disabilities / deficits. Though as a Behavior Analyst, I always look for the ABILITIES  and strengths too.

I came acrossed this story and I love it. Just have to share it with those that come by here.

What a very worthwhile idea for people with disabilities !

Polson resident creates figurines for “differently-abled” children
A Toy With a Mission

Cyndi Elliott of Polson takes out her hand made dolls in her studio. – Craig Moore/For the Beacon

By , 05-28-10
POLSON – Cyndi Elliott is on a mission. 

It’s a mission fueled by the love of her brother, David, who, the youngest of 10 children, was born with Down syndrome.

A pediatric occupational therapist, Elliott has worked for the past 16 years with parents and children facing a variety of challenges, from birth defects to injury-related disabilities.

But she’s long been troubled by the traditional approach that seems to focus more on the disability and less on the person’s unique abilities.

An artist and painter and musician, Elliott’s initial idea was to write a children’s book – in honor of her brother, who now is 40 – to illustrate what the “differently-abled” community can do, not what they can’t.

But when she couldn’t sketch to her satisfaction, she set out to make a series of figurines.

“Kids with different abilities will have something to relate to, because they’re strong and because they have hobbies,” said Elliott, sitting in her Polson studio. “And they will have something to talk about, rather than the one condition that is on people’s minds.”

“It’s as simple as saying you have blues eyes,” she added. “(Say) ‘I have cerebral palsy,’ and then move on. It’s a piece of them, but it’s not cerebral palsy boy.”

All the figurines have names, diagnoses, are dressed in attire she designed and painted, are engaged in an activity and have a story to tell.

The eight-inch figurines took three months to complete and another three months to sew attire for, clothe and paint.

“Lily,” she said, was born with a partial limb, wears a prosthetic and is a dancer.

“She has a very strong personality,” Elliott said as she laid her work out on the table and told each doll’s story.

Elliott expects each doll to evoke different emotions. But the figurines are also an expression of Elliott’s own views, life experiences and clients with whom she has worked.

“I try to be a unique person,” she said. “To me, I think it was self expression.”

There’s “David,” in honor of her brother, as a musician; “Mary,” a barrel racer who suffered an infant stroke; Robin, an artist with cerebral palsy; “Steven,” a bike rider with epilepsy.

It’s David, who she laughs has “Up,” not “Down,” syndrome, that Cyndi has the hardest time talking about.

As the closest sibling, Elliott took care of David, but said in her adult years she realized the opposite was occurring.

“He was really a significant person in my life because he taught me,” she said.

“He even impacted me in the way I dress, the way I play (music), the way I build my house, the way I live … There’s no worry. There’s no stress. There’s no resentment. He never held anger. He is the most loving person in my life. I could have fun in a paper bag and I know I learned that from David.”

David also influenced Elliott’s career.

“The big joke is that I’m supposed to be helping people because I am a therapist,” Elliott said. “I really would emphatically like this message to go out: That when people have a limit in one area of their lives, other areas take off and bloom.”

Her brother David was born with a hole in his heart, common in Down syndrome, thus the name of her company “wHOLEhearted.”

From the situation with her brother David, she would also like parents to realize the values a differently-abled child passes along to siblings.

“This is the best compassion college you can ever put your child through, the best human college or school you could ever give a person.” Elliott said. “David taught me how to already know the richness is right there in the room with another person.”

Elliott is pursuing a toy manufacturer and, additionally, wants to use the metal, polymer clay coated devices to open doors to further her message.

“If I could leave this earth and know that a few people heard this and it shifted their lives and that a few kids would be saved (from the attempt of being fixed),” she said. “If I can empower parents to have a diverse way of looking at this, maybe that’s a way a parent can feel powerful in a way where they feel powerless.”

You can reach Cyndi Elliott, OTR/L, wHOLEhearted, LLC, at

This Behavior Analyst says to Cyndi Elliott  – mission accomplished !!

Update on 6/22/10 :  Cyndi contacted me directly and she is a very nice lady. She informed me that she now has her own website. Please visit!


Is there an interest in shaping behaviors today ?

January 25, 2010

The answer is … of course !!

There has been a major interest during these past few years regarding how behavior can be interesting to watch and be shaped for the better.

TV 2

Television shows like SUPER NANNY, The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Intervention, Til Debt Do Us Part etc., they all showcase targeted behaviors and how the individuals work towards changing and / or achieving them.

In addition, look at all of the popular reality TV shows featuring how people interact and respond in various environments like Survivor, The Celebrity Apprentice, Wife Swap, Little People Big World etc.

Even Organizational Behavior Management has become quite popular due to the business world’s need to analyze and improve business management, marketing and customer service. TV shows like Shark Tank and Undercover Boss are looking at the aspects of business related behaviors.

Applied Behavior Analysis is applicable to many things, including some of the tv shows we watch.  Thus the science of behavior is influencing television too!

Why Do Behavior Analysts Charge what they Charge?

November 9, 2009

I really have to address this issue.

Some will say at times:
But I just paid $125 for an hour to the OT or I just paid $300 for an hour with a DAN Doctor and $500 for nutritional supplements or I just paid $100 for an hour session with a Speech Therapist etc etc

Others have said:
I just paid the plumber $325 for a part and 30 minutes labor or I just paid $225 to the mechanic for a tune up on my car etc etc

Paying Bills

In order to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, it takes ALOT of WORK and ALOT of money. Hours upon hours of schooling, hours upon hours of studying, hours upon hours of work experience and supervision. Then lots of money to pay for our graduate level schooling and further education. Money is needed to obtain then maintain our certification.

Next, it takes hours upon hours to advertise to get clients, hours upon hours to develop and get contracts, hours upon hours to network, hours upon hours to coordinate services, hours upon hours reading new books and current research, hours upon hours in just planning through a behavior assessment, a program and/or behavior intervention/plan etc etc.

Psychologists, Psychiatrists. Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists etc, including the Plumber and Auto Mechanic, they all charge their fees, they all have to make a living. Thus Behavior Analysts have to make a living too.