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Doggy Lesson

August 5, 2012

What is Important to Changing Behavior?

June 24, 2012

Electronic Technology Obsessive Behavior

September 10, 2011

As a Behavior Analyst I tend to watch behavior more intricately. Thus I notice behavior trends as they emerge.

Our current electronic technology age is consuming many. People are walking around with their heads buried in their iphones, ipads, black berries etc etc. People walk around looking like they are schizophrenics while talking to themselves with concealed ear phone pieces. Kids rather sit in front of a monitor playing video games than engage in creative play outdoors. People are driving recklessly while paying more attention to their texting rather than the road. I can go on and on ….

Why am I addressing this ? There are many positives that today’s technology has brought for society. However, I cannot but notice that many are obsessed with their super technology gadgets. Including cats!!!

Watch obsession with technology.

So long snail mail, adios to the ball of yarn …

 Playing with a fax machine is more fun!!!! lol

Happy Mother’s Day Thoughts …

May 8, 2011

I love the cartoons of MAXINE !!! She is such a character.

So I found this cartoon to post here in honor of Mother’s Day.

To Moms who have children and to those who mother others

Happy Mother’s Day!!

ABA Related Cartoon : Cat VS Internet

January 12, 2011

Throughout the past couple of years of providing BCBA Supervision to various students in New Jersey and other states in the United States, I like to send along to them a variety of creative /  lighter venues that showcase Applied Behavior Analysis.

My supervisees love it and those that are BCBAs and BCaBAs now want me to still send along what I find on my searches and travels for various types of ABA related content for review. ABA is not just only about discrete trials and Verbal Behavior thus I try to keep my students ABA open minded.

This approach I do has worked so well that it recently motivated one of my current supervisees to send me this cartoon ( which by the way, if I had found it, I would have sent it along to my ABA people list- FYI, already done! ) 

So I say to my BCBA supervisee  – Thumbs Up

Therefore, I decided to share it here with all who visit my ‘web blog about behavior’.

Perhaps some will get all the ABA related concepts involved and be able to breakdown the chain of behavior events. Hopefully, most will see how this is so classical and have a chuckle too.

Cat Vs Internet

 Just also wanted to say thank you to for creating this cute cartoon.

Can A Very Hot Summer Have An Effect On Behavior?

July 25, 2010

Yup, I know so …….

Here in New Jersey where I reside, we have been having a heat wave. Actually this Summer of 2010 has probably been the hottest since 1999.

I think the dog in the picture has the right idea.

A Nice Gesture – see Picture

March 1, 2010

This blog is about fun stuff too. I saw this picture while looking through a client’s photo album and got permission to post it.

One of my clients that I have worked with for many years decided to name their guinea pig after me    = )  

That was sweet.

This guinea pig, named Beth,  loves to eat, just like me. lol

Oh yes, I like the color PINK too.

The Bigger Picture of ABA

April 14, 2009

Since I have been writing on this blog, I sometimes get very interesting people with various comments and some good questions sent to me too.

Recently, I received a set of good questions that I think my answers would benefit those who are interested in the bigger picture of ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis

Hello there inquirer,

Thank you for complimenting my Behavior Analyst Blog. I specifically started this blog to educate people that ABA is not just about Autism and disabilities.

My background is extensive- I apply ABA to:

Supervising ABA students
Supervising staff
Working with agencies, state employees
People with and without disabilities
Applying it to businesses, customer service
Utilizing it in case management, grant writing
Measuring trends in just about anything
Applicable to the Medical field
Shaping my own behaviors
Applying ABA to real life
etc etc

ABA can be endless….

I am just trying to do my part to help others understand the fuller value of ABA ( when assessed, utilized and applied appropriately for each unique situation, field, environment, group, setting, issue, behavior etc)

It is my hope that ABA will still continue to successfully improve the lives of those with Autism and disabilities. Though lots of other various fields can benefit from ABA. We just need some more smart, logical people with good common sense to realistically demonstrate ABA’s effectiveness with other things.

So check back for more ABA tales at my blog = )


Why Hire a Behavior Analyst ?

April 14, 2008

It is April and it is Autism Awareness Month. I was recently at a Provider Resource Fair for an Autism Walk in NJ. Luckily, $80,000 was raised for the cause. The money is used to educate parents and teachers.

It was really nice to see so many families and friends all together working for the same cause. Because I was a resource provider, many parents approached me to ask for info about our expanding ABA field.

Many parents with children who have Autism do not realize that Board Certified Behavior Analysts are still quite rare. Currently, there are only about 5,000 certificants who hold the BCBA ( Masters or Ph.D level) and BCABA ( Bachelors level) credential in the world. In addition, Behavior Analysts are not just limited to serving the Autism population. It depends upon the Behavior Analyst’s education, work experience, populations serviced and expertise background. Some Behavior Analysts only deal with Verbal Behavior, others work with a broader range of behaviors, some only work with children, some adults, some can teach parents, some work in business, others work with typical kids etc., etc. ABA is applicable to many things, not just Autism.

It was refreshing to speak with a few parents who were more aware of Applied Behavior Analysis and its many positive uses. They understood that changing their behavior would help their child with Autism.

Now some might say, if you want to change behavior then just go buy a book and implement the techniques yourself or go attend a behavior workshop and apply it yourself. These avenues are fine, though where is the true guidance ?

These parents that I met were very interested in getting direct training/coaching in the home. They felt that perhaps they do know some ABA, but a professional would be better to objectively assess the needs and provide the necessary teaching to improve/modify/maintain behaviors.

Changing behavior is similiar to learning a brand new skill. We all needed teachers throughout our lives, why not a Behavior Analyst to teach how to change our behaviors ?

Changing behavior is not easy, it is complex.

Snowball the bird is at it AGAIN!!

January 24, 2008

This bird really is cool.

His dancing moves have now generalized to rockin’ to Queen’s hit song, Another One Bites the Dust.

Here is the newest video of Snowball.

A note from  : “Snowball gets down to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.” Please visit our web site to purchase Snowball DVDs, shirts, and soon other items. Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc. is currently in need of donations in order to build a bird habitat. The sales of all DVDs, shirts, etc go towards funding this project. Thank you in advance for your support”

Perhaps a Behavior Analyst could maybe teach Snowball a few new dancing moves.