Developing a Registered Behavioral Technician ‘RBT’ Credential

Finally, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board   ( BACB )  is developing a new credential, Registered Behavioral Technician ‘RBT’ .

There has been so much confusion over people calling themselves behavior therapists, behavior aides, behavior assistants, behavior techs  etc that have hardly any formal and verifible Applied Behavior Analysis training and supervision by a  Board Certified Behavior Analyst  ( BCBA ). The Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA )  consumer has no way to know who is professionally trained versus someone who went to a one weekend ABA training. The BACB has made a smart and very responsible move towards credentialing those that do assist the implementation of behavior plans.

The result of this? Better managed and trained staff that ABA consumers can trust and rely upon.

I am looking forward to the development of this newest RBT credential

Stay tuned ….


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2 Responses to “Developing a Registered Behavioral Technician ‘RBT’ Credential”

  1. Nancy White Says:

    As a para educator myself, I have called schools regarding this matter! I am thrilled you are looking into this. I’m ready to sign up!

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