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2011 U.S. Debt Ceiling and Financial Crisis

August 15, 2011

I’ve been watching all the info, fights, finger pointing, plunging stock market, unemployment, weakening of the dollar etc  etc. I am really concerned about the well being of the United States.

Simply put, our president has again handled things quite poorly.

As a Behavior Analyst – this is the reality –

America has a debt ceiling headed speedily towards $15 trillion.

Lets say we have an individual American
– they have accumulated debt on their maxed out credit cards that equals $150,000
– they are not earning enough money to pay their bills
– the interest on this debt keeps on accumulating
– this individual does not change their behavior of spending money that they do not have
– because of their behaviors, their credit rating has been downgraded
– they borrow more money thinking it will stimulate their situation for the better
– they do not track where their money goes
– they keep planning and going on vacations despite the looming problematic issues

What would happen to this individual?

Actually, what could happen to the United States?

The problem is that ALL are to blame for this mess.

Complacent voters
Americans who do not pay attention to current affairs of our country
A President, Judicial system and Congress that do not fully realize that they are public servants
Bad budgeting and accounting skills
Corporations that get away with paying no taxes
Too many loop holes
An entitlement system that can not sustain everyone – its citizens and illegal aliens
Greedy people
Buy now, pay later mentality
Jobs going over seas
51% of American households in 2009 did not pay any federal taxes at all
Too many Americans relying upon government hand outs
Pork barreling ear marks by members of the Congress
A lack of humility and charity for others
Good leadership is missing
We need better political candidates to vote for
Our talent in our country is not fully utilized
etc etc etc

In my professional opinion, our country is in trouble financially and our values have weakened.

Where is America today ?

It certainly is not what it once was.
I hope and pray we find our way back.

This is the debt as of today and counting … 

United States National Debt $14,600,255,553,827.94


No one else, only us Americans are going to pay for this.