ABA Related Cartoon : Cat VS Internet

Throughout the past couple of years of providing BCBA Supervision to various students in New Jersey and other states in the United States, I like to send along to them a variety of creative /  lighter venues that showcase Applied Behavior Analysis.

My supervisees love it and those that are BCBAs and BCaBAs now want me to still send along what I find on my searches and travels for various types of ABA related content for review. ABA is not just only about discrete trials and Verbal Behavior thus I try to keep my students ABA open minded.

This approach I do has worked so well that it recently motivated one of my current supervisees to send me this cartoon ( which by the way, if I had found it, I would have sent it along to my ABA people list- FYI, already done! ) 

So I say to my BCBA supervisee  – Thumbs Up

Therefore, I decided to share it here with all who visit my ‘web blog about behavior’.

Perhaps some will get all the ABA related concepts involved and be able to breakdown the chain of behavior events. Hopefully, most will see how this is so classical and have a chuckle too.

Cat Vs Internet

 Just also wanted to say thank you to http://theoatmeal.com for creating this cute cartoon.

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6 Responses to “ABA Related Cartoon : Cat VS Internet”

  1. Gavin Says:

    I have to admit that I didn’t consider the function of the cat’s behaviour until I read your introductory text (after) scrolling through the cartoon – initially I thought it was just funny! I think I’ve had my head stuck in the books for too long because I hadn’t considered the use of a full cartoon like this to illustrate (excuse the pun) a behavioral principle at play. Very useful post and I think cartoons like this would be a very helpful if they were incorporated into more text books on behaviour analysis.

  2. Eggs Tinckshun Burst Says:

    Extinction burst!

  3. Wendy Machalicek Says:


  4. Cartoons and Behavior Analysis « Applied Behavioral Strategies Says:

    […] that show behavior analysis in action. We found a cartoon on another behavior analyst’s website. However, the cartoon originated from The Oatmeal. In the cartoon, you see a cat engaging in all […]

  5. Lorraine O'Sullivan Says:

    Fab visuals what a great way to illustrate the functions of behaviour

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