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JABA – Journal Of Appled Behavior Analysis

October 18, 2009

For all of the ABA students that I supervise as they work towards their BCBA and the BCaBAs, I make it mandatory that they purchase a subscription to JABA. In fact, I strongly believe that all Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) should have JABA in their personal libraries.

Though is JABA for everyone ???


One may think that the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is only just about Autism research studies. Actually if you really think that then you are wrong.

Recently, I was at a lecture being presented by a psychologist on behavior interventions and I brought some reading materials with me. In between the breaks, I was actually reading up on the latest published issue by JABA for Fall 2009. A person sitting next to me noticed that I was perusing this journal and asked what it was. So I just said to them- take it and read it for yourself.

The subjects focused on in this particular issue varied broadly

 – Gambling           – typical developing children interventions

– customer service           – flight training

– preventing back injuries training      –  basketball success shots

– job skills              – teaching foreign language vocabulary

– placement of consumer products         – etc  etc ……

I smiled as I observed the intrigued person scanning my current copy of JABA. They commented to me that they thought ABA was just about Autism and that this type of journal would be boring. I said NOPE, ABA is applicable to Autism and numerous other things, even including assessing the group behavior of this audience for this lecture.

They were quite interested in the Journal and discussed our field of Appled Behavior Analysis further with me – so I made the sales pitch and gave them info on how to order JABA.

So here I am making a sales pitch to all readers of this blog.

JABA rec

Main Info page

Subscription info page

Personally, I really think that the JABA editors and contributors made a very smart decision a few years back to include a wider variety of ABA related studies. Overall, that decision has made this journal more interesting and useful which could  and probably already has expanded its audience of readers.