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The Bigger Picture of ABA

April 14, 2009

Since I have been writing on this blog, I sometimes get very interesting people with various comments and some good questions sent to me too.

Recently, I received a set of good questions that I think my answers would benefit those who are interested in the bigger picture of ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis

Hello there inquirer,

Thank you for complimenting my Behavior Analyst Blog. I specifically started this blog to educate people that ABA is not just about Autism and disabilities.

My background is extensive- I apply ABA to:

Supervising ABA students
Supervising staff
Working with agencies, state employees
People with and without disabilities
Applying it to businesses, customer service
Utilizing it in case management, grant writing
Measuring trends in just about anything
Applicable to the Medical field
Shaping my own behaviors
Applying ABA to real life
etc etc

ABA can be endless….

I am just trying to do my part to help others understand the fuller value of ABA ( when assessed, utilized and applied appropriately for each unique situation, field, environment, group, setting, issue, behavior etc)

It is my hope that ABA will still continue to successfully improve the lives of those with Autism and disabilities. Though lots of other various fields can benefit from ABA. We just need some more smart, logical people with good common sense to realistically demonstrate ABA’s effectiveness with other things.

So check back for more ABA tales at my blog = )