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Remember, BCBA Supervision is required for BCaBA

November 30, 2008

Remember, starting effective January 1, 2009 , all Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts  (BCaBA) must be supervised one hour per month by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. (BCBA) in order to maintain their certification.


So do I provide BCBA supervision ? YES


Is there a fee ? YES, because the time devoted for supervision takes time away from my behavior analysis practice. Though I do charge a lower fee for supervision.


Will the Behavior Analysis Certification Board require documentation to verify that supervision was obtained ? YES they will.


Have I done BCBA supervising before ? YES. I have in the past and am now currently supervising ABA students who are working towards becoming a BCBA or BCaBA. I provide in person supervision to students in New Jersey and long distance supervision to other states.


If interested in obtaining BCBA Supervision

call 732-938-7336 or send an inquiry via email


Kudos to Grey’s Anatomy for featuring a character with Asperger’s

November 14, 2008

I usually watch Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been watching it more this season ( better stories) than last season ( I didnt care too much for the Izzy story line) . So it was a BIG surprise when a new character named Dr Dixon came to the show. I was not aware that this was being planned.

Of course as a Behavior Analyst that assists medical doctors to diagnose individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I immediately picked up that the character had Asperger’s Syndrome.

Mary McDonnell who plays the brilliant Heart Surgeon Dr Dixon did an excellent job. I was very pleased with the writers of Grey’s Anatomy for how they presented this new character with a disability. Yes, she has Asperger’s, but she is a brilliant surgeon, is very productive and has feelings!!!

This should be interesting as the story line continues with the Grey’s ensemble learning good lessons from Dr Dixon.

KUDOS to Grey’s Anatomy