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Whatever happened to good customer service?

January 20, 2007

Unfortunately, I visited one of my favorite icecream shops today in Freehold, NJ. I have been a customer there for many years. I went to order my usual strawberry shake. I asked the service girl for a strawberry shake with strawberry icecream and to please add in some strawberry syrup.

Well, this girl kinda got snippy and said, “Then you want a strawberry float ?!”

huh ?????   Strawberry shake = strawberry float ????? Since when ?

Of course, I said to reclarify, ” No, I want a strawberry shake, please use strawberry icecream and please put strawberry syrup in it.

Then she proceeds to say- “Well that is how you order a strawberry float ! ”

Strawberry float = icecream and soda 

I ordered a SHAKE.

What ??? !!  Who is the customer here ???  I said again, “No that is how I have always ordered my strawberry shake.” Actually, how come all the other girls understand my request and not her ?

I stated to her, I asked for the strawberry syrup because it makes the shake taste more like strawberries. Then she said to me with an attitude – “Well, you do not have to get nasty now.”

Huh???  What ???  Aren’t I the one who is to be serviced for a shake that  costs $4.60 each ??

Believe me, if I was nasty, that girl would have KNOWN NASTY. I even said ‘please’ several times, did not raise my voice and had to reclarify for this service person who obviously needs some lessons in customer service etiquette.

Actually, I will be contacting the owner to complain. Service workers like these that I encountered today are BAD for business. My good customer service experience was taken away from me which has decreased my motivation to return to that particular establishment. ( negative punishment) I can go elsewhere for my shakes for awhile.

This experience receives a –

Happy New Year Blessings

January 2, 2007

As an old year comes to a close and a new year begins, may God bless America and have mercy on us too.  

A new year can bring many good changes for those willing to change. Why is it that we go through the ritual of writing down our New Year’s Resolutions each year ?  How many of them do we personally accomplish each year ? How many of these resolutions are realistically attainable?

What is a resolution anyway?  Well, it is basically a goal.

“Goals that are not written down are just wishes. ”                                  – quote , author unknown

Okay, well I want to add to this, we have wishes that are written down into goals, but we must implement them to make them come true. We also must maintain the action in order for it to become a strong, long term change.

Change demands much work !!

Happy New Year and get busy to do your work!


Blessings to all.